• Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium


  • ESTIA’s first Permaculture Design Course held at the Epicenter and taught by Charles & Julia Yelton.
  • Fire in the Heart Workshop on wiring solar panel systems, repairing outdoor ovens, and building rocket ovens, Orono, Maine.
  • 9th Annual EcoPeace Conference – “Slow Food: A Model for Sustainable & Healthy Living”


  • 8th Annual EcoPeace Conference – “Weaving the Dream: Cultivating Permanent Culture in Maine”


  • 7th Annual EcoPeace Conference – “Global Ecovillages: Reviewing a Decade of Change both Globally and Locally”


  • Property at 90 Williams Pond Road (3.5 acres, cabin) in Bucksport, Maine donated to ESTIA by Sheila Holtz
  • Phase 2 of Permaculture-EcoPeace Demonstration Site, Agia Skepi Detox. Center, Filani, Cyprus
  • 6th Annual EcoPeace Conference – “Sacred Gardens: Spiritually, Ecology, and Peace”


  • Workshop on Permaculture, Sivanda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas
  • ESTIA Board Retreat, Tanglewood, Lincolnville, Maine
  • Earth Day Eco-Charrette/Environmental Design Workshop, York Village, University of Maine
  • Famagusta Ecopolis Proposal (2006) adopted by the International Peace Research Institute of Oslo
  • Strawbale House Construction, Passadumkeag, Maine
  • 5th Annual EcoPeace Conference – Permaculture Symposium: Techniques for Ecological Design, University of Maine


  • Phase 1 of Permaculture-EcoPeace Demonstration Site, Agia Skepi Detox. Center, Filani, Cyprus
  • “Permaculture: Addressing Sustainability Concerns in Cyprus” Film Screenings, Limassol and Nicosia, Cyprus
  • “ESTIA Addressing Sustainabilty Concerns in Cyprus” Conference, Intercollege, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Pioneering Permaculture in Cyprus Video
  • University of Maine Hands-On Permaculture Course, Orono, Maine
  • Orono Outreach Permaculture Design Certificate Course, Orono, Maine
  • Stillwater Ecohood Workshop, Stillwater, Maine
  • 4th Annual EcoPeace Conference – “Earth Education & Permaculture Design”
  • Greening the Campus Presentation for Sasaki Associates, University of Maine Planners


  • “What is an EcoPeace Village?” Workshop, Green Acre Baha’i School and Conference Center
  • ESTIA Board Retreat, Church of Universal Fellowship, Orono, Maine
  • 1st University of Maine Permaculture Design Certificate Course – Captain Cook, Hawai’i
  • Upward Bound Math Science Sustainable Living Group Project, University of Maine
  • Spirituality, Ecology, and Peace Workshop, Islesboro, Maine
  • UN Presentation – “The role of EcoPeace Villages in Creating World Peace”
  • 3rd Annual EcoPeace Conference – “Building Today’s EcoPeace Village”
  • “The Greening of Famagusta: Turning Famagusta into an EcoPeace City” Workshop, Anson,


  • EcoPeace Diversity Story-Telling with Daniel Greenberg, Roger Kelly, and Philip Snyder
  • Ecovillage Fair and EcoPeace Artists Gathering with Soul Lemon and other artists
  • Wisdom and Joy Workshop, University of Maine, Orono, Maine
  • Solar Energy Workshop, Ayer’s Island, Orono, Maine
  • Open House and Environmental Design and Problem Solving Workshops, Ayer’s Island
  • EcoVillage Design Workshop, Ayer’s Island
  • ESTIA Board Retreat, Morgan Bay Zendo
  • Art, Music, and EcoPeace Converge, University of Maine
  • 1st University of Maine Permaculture Course- Whitefield, Maine
  • EcoPeace Educational Video – “Living and Learning Permaculture with Charles and Julia Yelton”
  • 2nd Annual EcoPeace Conference – “The role of Permaculture in EcoVillage Design”


  • 1st Annual EcoPeace Conference – “Ecovillages and EcoPeace Communities: A Path to Sustainability”